How to Know if You Should List Your Property in Akron or Sell it Directly

The traditional listing process of hiring a professional real estate agent to list your property is most familiar to sellers. However, statistics show that about 36 percent of sellers attempt to sell without the assistance of a professional. Regrettably, however, while selling on your own to save money may sound extremely enticing on the surface, of an average of seven percent of FSBO listings that did sell, their final price was up to 26 percent less than homes of equal value on the Akron real estate market. 

Those numbers aren’t the greatest. But what other options are available?
While you may be familiar with the process of listing with a realtor and also for sale by owner, there is a third option that might be the best of both worlds. Selling directly to a cash buyer allows you to skip the hassle of listing the property and paying realtor fees, but with more certainty in the sale than for sale by owner. Is this option right for you? Read on as we explore how to know if you should list your property in Akron.


At best, listing your property in Akron Ohio for sale and dealing with showings, inspections, and appraisals is stressful and a pain. Depending on how the process goes, it can be a downright hassle. Sometimes you get the house ready to list, spending your hard earned money and time, and then it just sits on the market with no one showing interest. Other times you are having showings and having to keep the house kept up in between these appointments, and no one is making offers. What happens when you accept an offer, start the paperwork and then the inspection or appraisal doesn’t come back as expected? The buyer may back out. Or, perhaps their financing fell through and they are no longer approved to purchase the home. There are so many variables that can take place. Needless to say, it’s a process that can create stress and uncertainty when all you want to do is get the house sold and move on with your busy life. If you want to sell you house in Ohio, chances are you want the process to be as easy as possible.


It takes time for a traditional sale to happen, that’s just the nature of the process. Between listing the property, finding the buyer, having (most likely) multiple showings or open houses, working through inspections, appraisals and closings, you can figure that it’s going to take some time. It is not uncommon for a house to be on the market for a couple months before finding a buyer and then going through an additional 45 day closing process. And this is assuming everything goes well during closing. If you have the time, then this is no problem. But what happens when you don’t have this kind of time to get your Ohio house sold? What if you are moving to another property, need the money for something else in your life, or facing a divorce or foreclosure situation? In these scenarios, it’s worth exploring if a direct sale would be your best option so that you can pick the closing date and get your money fast.

Property Condition

Another way to know if you should list your property in Akron is if you own a property that doesn’t conform well to buyers’ expectations of listings on the MLS. Whether this is due to a lack of interest, a shortage of funds or you no longer have the physical ability to maintain and keep up with repairs, listings that aren’t ready to move into don’t fare well in the Akron real estate market. We’ve all seen these listings on the market. The ones that sit and sit, not getting an showings while the realtor has to drop the price again and again. A lot of times buyers don’t have the money to do a ton of repairs right when they move into a property, so they won’t even look at these fixer uppers. If a property needs a lot of work, some banks may not even approve a loan for the property. On the other hand, professional buyers like those at Best Offer REI pay cash for homes as-is. You won’t pay any commissions, and there will be no hidden fees or surprises to deplete your profits at closing. You won’t even pay closing costs when you sell directly to a professional buyer from Best Offer REI. This saves you the time and frustration of trying to deal with repairs on a property that you really just want sold.

The professional buyers at Best Offer REI aim to help sellers like you. Let the pros at Best Offer REI help you explore your options so you’ll know if you should list your property in Akron or sell it directly. Talk to us today at Best Offer REI about your property and your situation; we’ll answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have without any obligation whatsoever. Call Best Offer REI at (234) 334-0009.

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