How to Sell Your Akron House Without Spending Any Money

A lot of the time, people just assume that selling their house means there is going to be a level of inconvenience and expense involved. Getting the house ready to sell, paying realtor fees and commissions, staging and marketing the house, dealing with showings, inspections, and appraisals. These are costs and hassles that are often expected. But what if we could skip all of that? The truth is, you can! Here are some ways you can sell your house in Akron without spending any money.

No Marketing

When you are going to sell your house, you usually have to market it in order to find interested buyers. This is where the process of completing renovations, cleaning, staging the house, having professional pictures taken, and hiring a realtor to market the property takes place. Of course, all of these things come at a cost. For certain properties, it makes sense to do all of these things. But sometimes, you just want to sell your house without spending anymore money on the property. When you sell your house in Ohio to Best Offer Real Estate Investments, you don’t need to market the property. We are professional home buyers backed by cash, therefore eliminating the need to do any of these extras.

No Prepping

Prep work is usually a given when you’re getting ready to sell a house. At the very least, people usually do a fresh coat of paint. But depending on the condition of the property, you could have to do even more than that. Cleaning the carpets, power washing the exterior, cleaning and decluttering come to mind. If extensive repairs are needed, you might find yourself spending even more to update things like the furnace, electric panel, or larger cosmetic upgrades such as the kitchen or bathroom. None of this is necessary when you sell to us. We will take the property exactly how it is, so you don’t need to waste anymore time or money on the house.

No Repairs

A lot of times, when buyers have an inspection on the home they come back asking you to complete repairs. This can be an unexpected expense and also impact the timeline of selling the house. Selling directly to a cash buyer means you can sell your Akron house without spending any money on costly repairs. We can buy your house if there are small repairs to be made, or even if there are larger issues taking place such as the roof needing replaced or the foundation needing repaired. We don’t expect you to take on any of these burdens when you are selling your Ohio house to us.

No Professional Fees

When you sell your house with an agent, expect to pay out a percentage of the sale in fees. In addition to this, the buyers may also expect you to pay closing costs. This is all less money in your pocket at the end of the day. If you want to skip paying these fees, give us a call at (234) 334-0009. We make honest and fair offers, do not charge any fees, and we will even cover the closing costs. What will you do with the extra money you’ve saved?

No Waiting

So you’ve decided you’re ready to sell. Now what? Traditional selling usually means waiting around a bit. You have to get the house ready, get professional photos taken, list it with a realtor, and then it’s hurry up and wait! While the house is listed and buyers can schedule showings of the house, and in the meantime you are waiting for the right buyer to make an offer and keeping the house pristine in between all of these showings. All of this waiting means that you are continuing to pay the mortgage, taxes, and utilities for the property. Time is money. If you want to sell your Ohio house fast, we can make you a fair offer and close on your schedule.

No Stress

We are committed to making this process as streamlined and convenient for our sellers as possible. Sometimes through traditional listings, you are tied to a specific close date adding undue stress. We can work with you on the date and be flexible. There’s no need for you to make repairs, list the house, keep it looking perfect for showings, wait for buyers, and play the whole game of navigating the closing process. You can make a direct sale to sell your Akron house without spending any money on an extra move because professional buyers like those at Best Offer REI are flexible and can work with you to arrange the most convenient closing date. The professional buyers at Best Offer REI and their team make the process quick and easy for sellers.

The professional buyers at Best Offer REI are waiting to help you if you want to sell your Akron house without spending any money. Talk to one of the local seasoned professional buyers at Best Offer REI today and find out how we can help you solve your home selling problems. We are local and can often arrange a time to look at your property and make you an offer the same day or the following day. We deal with all kinds of situations and pride ourselves in working with the seller to create solutions. If you have a house you want to sell in Akron, give us a call! We would love to discuss the property and your unique situation.

Call Best Offer REI at (234) 334-0009.

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