3 Ways Selling Your Home Has Changed Over the Last 5 Years in Akron

Over the past five years, the process of selling a house in Akron, Ohio has undergone quite a few changes. These shifts in the real estate market have affected various aspects of selling a property, including listing expenses, buyer expectations, and the emergence of virtual showings. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the latest changes in an ever adapting real estate market.

1. Increased Listing Expenses

One notable change in selling a house in Akron, Ohio is the increase in listing expenses. As the market becomes more competitive, sellers are investing more in professional photography, virtual tours, and online marketing to make their listings stand out. These expenses can add up, affecting your overall selling costs. It’s important to factor in these increased listing expenses when budgeting for your home sale. Really run through the numbers and see what expenses will be coming out of your bottom line so that you aren’t left surprised at the end.

2. Increased Buyer Expectations

Buyers in Akron, Ohio now have higher expectations when it comes to the condition and presentation of properties. They are looking for move-in-ready homes with updated features and modern amenities. Interest rates and house prices have increased, and with needing to spend more money many buyers are expecting properties to already be in move in condition and to their liking. Sellers may need to invest in repairs, renovations, or staging to meet these expectations and make their homes more appealing to potential buyers. These additional expenses can impact your selling timeline and financial considerations. Staging can make a big impact on how a listing presents online, but often this can include renting furniture and decor in order the make the biggest impact. This obviously comes at a price.

3. Virtual Showings and Digital Technology

Advancements in technology have introduced virtual showings as a popular alternative to traditional in-person home viewings. Virtual tours, 3D floor plans, and live video walkthroughs allow buyers to explore properties remotely. Virtual showings were just beginning in popularity and then really took off with the Covid-19 pandemic. Embracing virtual showings can expand your reach to a broader audience and accommodate buyers’ preferences for convenience and safety. Many buyers now have the expectation of being able to do a virtual walk through of a prospective property without leaving their living room. Virtual Showings and online walkthroughs are features that we are seeing more and more as listings compete to stand out.

Consider an As-Is Cash Sale

While the traditional route of selling a house in Akron, Ohio involves listing on the market, considering an alternative option might be beneficial for some sellers. An “as is” sale to a cash buyer can offer several advantages. Cash buyers like us at Best Offer Real Estate Investments purchase properties in their current condition without the need for repairs, renovations, or staging. By opting for this route, sellers can avoid the increased listing expenses, fulfill buyer expectations for updated features, and bypass the complexities of virtual showings and the traditional selling process. We never expect you to complete any repairs to the property, and we will even cover the closing costs. There are no “surprises” and you will not need to go through and figure out how much of your profit from the sale you will be losing to commissions, fees, etc. There are no commissions or fees, just a straight forward cash offer and a smooth transaction.

As the real estate landscape in Akron, Ohio continues to evolve, sellers should be aware of the changes happening in the market. While these changes present challenges, exploring alternative options such as selling your house “as is” to a cash buyer can provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution. It’s important to assess your individual circumstances, timeline, and financial goals when deciding on the best selling method for your Akron Ohio property. By making an informed decision, you can navigate the changing selling landscape and achieve a successful and efficient home sale. If you want to get a no obligation cash offer on your house, give us a call at (234) 334-0009.

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